Garage Door Opener with Automation Integration

ByTrent Jones

Garage Door Opener with Automation Integration

This project has been years in the making. I first started with a netduino plus 2 and had things functioning but quickly lost the connection and the requirement to unplug and plug back into development computer was cumbersome. Then along came the Spark Core. This device has build in wifi and you can use online code editor to publish directly to the device after you establish the core on your wifi.

Using an old garage door opener remote, i can locate the device anywhere in my garage that has power. In addition i have a magnetic switch hooked up to tell if the door is open or closed.
The Core exposes internet-addressable functions that can instruct the device to run an operation (open/close and isOpen). This in turn is hooked up as custom functions on my Vera Lite home automation controller.

Parts List:
Spark Core

Magnetic Switch

Old Remote Garage Door Opener

Various Resistors

5v Power Supply

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