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Membership, Roles and Profiles

Recently i’ve been researching the default providers in .NET for Membership, Roles and Profiles and came across this code which provides a custom implementation of the above with simple db structures behind them.

ByTrent Jones

JQuery.UI Dialog with ASP.NET empty post values

Ran into an issue using a jQuery.UI.Dialog control on an web form today.  When defining a dialog jQuery.UI takes the dialog and appends it right before the closing </body> tag.  This is outside of the <form> tag causing any values you wanted from the form to be empty in your code-behind.

Here is the fix that worked for me:


This works great and the dialog now displays as expected, capturing the results in the code behind except for I originally wanted the dialog wrapped in a UpdatePanel. In order to fix this issue, I created an empty div and appended the dialog content there:


Not the results i expected. When the content refreshes the dialog is messed up. The answer was to move the content panel inside of the dialog with the user control doing all the work!!!

<div id="dialog" class="ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" title="Add New Client"></div>
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Copy vista installation to larger hard drive

Today I was investigating options in robocopy to move files from one folder to the next while preserving directory timestamps (/DCOPY:T) and came across something that may come in handy for those of you that tend to run out of space on primary hard drive.   It only requires your vista installation CD and no other tools.

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Source Code Outliner Power Toy

This is one of my favorite plug-ins for Visual Studio.  In my opinion it works better than the Alpha drop down at the top of the window.  For those of you that organize your source code this tool will be perfect.

ByTrent Jones

Out-of-memory exception in Visual Studio

There is a limit in 32-bit windows to only use up to 2GB of RAM. This site lists a hack to fix it both in the boot.ini (XP) and also in Visual Studio, although I haven’t been successful with the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE command yet.

ByTrent Jones

Property Manager AddIn for private members

Ya, i know, you can type “prop” + tab->tab but i like this better. It will create the public properties for a highlighted list of private members to the clipboard. You can then choose where to paste the results in your code.

For a complete description:

To download the VS 2008 Compatible version:

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Added Google Friend Connect

Removed Added Google Friend Connect from to the site this weekend. Not sure exactly how it works, etc. But, time will tell I suppose.

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Scrum Default Template Changes

Found this article written by an acquaintance on a few changes to the scrum default templates for Visual Studio.  I find it a little easier than the default values.